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Coming To Terms With The Birth You DIDN’T Plan

Tranquil sounds of the ocean, preferably of the whale variety progressively increasing in sound and frequency with each contraction. Lovers; calling out to one another from afar through the sound of the deep underwater as the rest of the pod dance around in the space between, backing singers to their sweet melody. The pair would […]

An Open Letter To My Former Pregnant Self

Dear Pregnant Me, Congratulations are in order after a whole, long year of trying for a baby to no avail. Well, that is until you stopped obsessing over it, of course. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy when it comes to your strong will and stubborn nature, never keen to listen to anyone but […]

Putting Life On Hold For Those Two Pink Lines While TTC

Have you ever wanted something so badly? Your every thought and action being consumed by that feeling of longing to the point where you can’t hold a conversation, you can’t eat, you can’t get to sleep or even go about life the way you normally would because there’s this thing that you need and you […]

The Weird And Wonderful Symptoms Of Pregnancy

The stereo-typical symptoms of Pregnancy are discussed so frequently that, when I first got those two pink lines, I instantly prepared myself for life with my head rested over the toilet. The days before testing I recall feeling probably the most tired that I ever have in my life (although I can’t imagine it was […]

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