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How Having A Baby Affected My Relationship With Sex.. For The Better

Seeing this title may confuse some as I have openly discussed my struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which I experienced shortly after giving birth to my boy. This came about after an incredibly difficult time during my labour but I didn’t even realised it had such a negative impact on me until weeks after. […]

Labour PTSD- From Sex Lover To The Ultimate Prude

From quite early on in the time of my life when I had self-promoted myself from the experimental virgin to the moderately experienced lover I have always been enthusiastic about maintaining a fulfilling sex life for no other reason but the fact that I just really enjoyed sex. Passionate, hot and steamy love-making to quickies […]

Please Be Patient As I Order My Milk In Mama

*Disclaimer I am not a lactation expert or professional of any sort, the following post is based on my own experiences and my own baby. I am aware that some woman are unable to breastfeed no matter how much they want to for many reasons and some just don’t want to or are unable to […]

It Was No Fairy Tale – The Hospital Stay (Our Birth Story Continued)

Once Carl cut the cord and my baby was finally moved from the warmth of my chest to be weighed, reality began to sink in and all of a sudden I was very aware of the fact that I was in a hospital having just given birth whilst at the time completely unaware of what […]

Blood Clots, Piles, Sweats, Leaks And Hair Loss- Welcome To The Fourth Trimester And It Aint Pretty

The three trimesters are talked about so frequently that, as a pregnant woman, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect and when to expect it, within reason of course. We know about the little signs that can indicate we might have conceived: the tiredness, sickness, headaches or just generally feeling off and […]

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