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No, I Don’t Enjoy Every Second Of Being A SAHM And I Won’t Apologise For It

*Disclaimer- I am not speaking on behalf of any other person besides myself. These are my own thoughts and opinions which many will relate to and many may disagree with but, like anything I write on my blog unless claimed to be factual or otherwise, I will always be speaking from my perspective. I am […]

I Swore I’d Never Be ‘That Mother’ Yet Here I Am

Over time, we’ve sort of developed a little inside joke about how Kaiber will never be one of those ‘sausage roll babies’ which is pretty much as simple as it sounds to any outsider not in on the joke. You see, here in the North it is a very common occurrence to exit a Greggs […]

Learning To Live With PND

One of the most difficult things I had to deal with when we announced our pregnancy was doubt. That doubt didn’t come from myself, it actually came from other people and it was written on their faces as clear as day whenever my state of mind was brought up be that by Doctors, Midwives or […]

45 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Mother

1.) Your body is surprisingly good at surviving on little to no sleep at all. Even when your mind has turned to mush and you think you can’t cope with another sleepless night, that night comes around and you still manage to get through the next day.. only just. 2.) Once you have a baby […]

You’re Right Here So Why Do I Miss You So Much – A Letter To My Baby

Dear My Baby Boy, As I watch you sleeping, your lips pouted and moving as if you’re dreaming of taking a nice, long drink of milk, I can’t help but miss you. I know this may sound like a silly thing to say when you a literally right here next to me, safe against the […]

Being Given A Bag Of Pre-Loved Baby Clothes Is The Equivalent To The World’s Biggest Hug

I peer into the huge bag of clothes and I’m completely blown away Hurrying to message with thank you, a simple “oh, it’s nothing” you say Simply brushing it of as if it’s such a small gesture but to me that’s just not the case See I was taken off guard as my baby grew […]

Why ‘Sleeping When Baby Sleeps’ Really Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

Today has been another tough one and I have spent the past few hours thinking about sleep, longing for sleep, craving sleep, desperate for sleep. I think about sleep more than anything else at the moment, I’m convinced I even think about it when I’m actually sleeping because once your baby is here your quality […]

I Confess! My Crime? Mammy Guilt

I’d heard of ‘Mom guilt’ many times in the past and I always just thought to myself surely if you’re doing the best you can, you wouldn’t have anything to feel guilty about? That’s where my pre-motherhood naivety really shines through as I’ve now discovered that you can give your absolute all and more, really put everything […]

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