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Baltic’s Sensory Room

This Valentine’s Day was our first one as a family and I wanted to go out and do something all three of us would enjoy but I couldn’t for the life of me come up with anywhere to go. The main issues I had were that we are incredibly bloody skint right now so going […]

We’re Back! But Where On Earth Have We Been?!

Wow. What a roller-coaster of a few months it has been for us. For those of you who follow our story, you will probably be aware that I took an extended break from blogging and Social Media to deal with some issues I have been struggling with mentally and to just invest some quality time […]

An Open Letter To My Former Pregnant Self

Dear Pregnant Me, Congratulations are in order after a whole, long year of trying for a baby to no avail. Well, that is until you stopped obsessing over it, of course. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy when it comes to your strong will and stubborn nature, never keen to listen to anyone but […]

Stay At Home Parenting – Time To Drop The Stereotype

The life of a Stay at Home Mammy is one, as I learn more and more each day, that can be isolating, exhausting, fulfilling and amazing all at the same time. Each evening, as I drag myself into bed usually nursing a sore head and aching all over, my mind races when it should be […]

I Remember – A Letter To My Partner

Remember those days when their were just us two? Responsibilities were still very much a part of our every day, of course, but there were seemingly so many more hours to waste away together before our boy. All that time together in those precious moments that we admittedly took for granted back then but the […]

Clean Home, Clear Mind

I feel f-a-n-bloody-t-a-s-t-i-c. A far cry from the recent tone of my previous posts I am aware but it’s been a very different day than one I am now accustomed to. Today, I had an empty house with free rain to go cleaning crazy and believe me when I say that is exactly what I […]

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