Category: Poems

Practice Makes Perfect

HEY MAMA MAMA! LOOK AT ME! I climbed three stairs all on my own! You looked so proud when we did it together, so I thought I’d have a try alone. But now you look shocked and a little mad, such a change from yesterday. I know you’ve stopped me doing this 1000 times but […]

Being Given A Bag Of Pre-Loved Baby Clothes Is The Equivalent To The World’s Biggest Hug

I peer into the huge bag of clothes and I’m completely blown away Hurrying to message with thank you, a simple “oh, it’s nothing” you say Simply brushing it of as if it’s such a small gesture but to me that’s just not the case See I was taken off guard as my baby grew […]

My Body Is A Vessel

No longer can I wear it any style I choose You see, my hair it seems to weaken with every handful I lose My eyes they’re red, puffy and sore, darker than they’ve ever been before The skin on my face grows clustered with every unwelcome spot A mix of stress and tears I guess […]

Lots Of Love, Your Little Man On Father’s Day

Hey Dad! You’re not a huge fan of cards, I know But I’m not yet sure how to talk out loud, so Please make an exception for your little man This way I can let you know That I am your biggest fan! Right now I’m growing super fast And attached to the boob for […]

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