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I Love My Mummy Tummy!

As Mother’s we’re always on our game when it comes for preparing for a wide range of surprises (both good and bad), we have eyes in the back of our head and we know better than most that we must always expect the unexpected. Well today, the unexpected happened and it took me a little […]

Learning To Live With PND

One of the most difficult things I had to deal with when we announced our pregnancy was doubt. That doubt didn’t come from myself, it actually came from other people and it was written on their faces as clear as day whenever my state of mind was brought up be that by Doctors, Midwives or […]

You Are Not Alone

If you’re reading this, come a little closer, I’d like to share a secret with you. A few months prior to today, I had thoughts about ending my life. No, you didn’t mistake me, you heard me just right- I. Wanted. To. Die. I mean shit, just seeing those words, the black on white right […]

Myself Against My Mind (Part Three) – The Anorexia

I had this new found confidence, a new lease of life and I was ready to start putting myself out there in the world of online dating, much like those around me. It didn’t take long for me to meet a potential suitor who I began texting everyday and night for a few weeks. We […]

Myself Against My Mind (Part Two) – The Binge Eating Disorder

Since as far back as I can even remember I have been a little on the overweight side, one of those rosy-cheeked children with cute features slightly sunken into a chubby face. Loving food from a young age, it was only natural that I would get larger as the years went on and I certainly […]

Clean Home, Clear Mind

I feel f-a-n-bloody-t-a-s-t-i-c. A far cry from the recent tone of my previous posts I am aware but it’s been a very different day than one I am now accustomed to. Today, I had an empty house with free rain to go cleaning crazy and believe me when I say that is exactly what I […]

Myself Against My Mind (Part One) – The Anxiety

I have struggled with my mental health, well, officially speaking anyway, since way back in two thousand and eleven. Wow, to actually sit and type that is crazy to me, I hadn’t noticed it had been eight years. Eight whole years of troubles and struggles, ups and downs, recoveries and relapses but how the years […]

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