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Preparing For The Toddlerpocolypse

I couldn’t give you an exact date of which I began to notice that my baby boy was suddenly a lot less baby and a whole lot more boy because, that’s precisely how it happened- sudden. With under two months to go until his first birthday, i knew that huge changes were inevitable. What I […]

Surviving Flu Season

‘Tis the season of red, runny noses, sore throats, coughs and sniffles, curling up in a huge woolly jumper on a dark Winters evening and indulging in a large mug of hot chocolate whilst you take a does of trash TV and hope you’re feeling better soon. That is, if you don’t have a baby. […]

Practice Makes Perfect

HEY MAMA MAMA! LOOK AT ME! I climbed three stairs all on my own! You looked so proud when we did it together, so I thought I’d have a try alone. But now you look shocked and a little mad, such a change from yesterday. I know you’ve stopped me doing this 1000 times but […]

We’re Back! But Where On Earth Have We Been?!

Wow. What a roller-coaster of a few months it has been for us. For those of you who follow our story, you will probably be aware that I took an extended break from blogging and Social Media to deal with some issues I have been struggling with mentally and to just invest some quality time […]

Why ‘Sleeping When Baby Sleeps’ Really Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

Today has been another tough one and I have spent the past few hours thinking about sleep, longing for sleep, craving sleep, desperate for sleep. I think about sleep more than anything else at the moment, I’m convinced I even think about it when I’m actually sleeping because once your baby is here your quality […]

Ideas To Entertain Your Five Month Old On A Budget

Kaiber is currently at the most tiring and awkward age at the moment, in my opinion anyway. He isn’t quite five months old yet, but he is almost there and I sometimes find myself wishing away the next month so we can hit the sixth and start solids; things get easier then.. right? He is […]

Happy Mama, Happy (er) Baby

My posts of late have been a lot less frequent and the tone in general when discussing anything in current time has been a little negative and just plain flat to be honest. It’s always ‘Kaiber is teething, he’s fussy, unsettled, not his usual happy self, fighting his sleep’ and all of those things are […]

Month Four: Turning, Teething, Tears And More

Oh, sleep, my old friend, how I really do miss you. You’re now a distant memory, a thing of the past and such a stranger to me these days for reasons out of my control. I’m beginning to think our paths will never fully cross again as the rings around my eyes grow bigger and […]

We Made It To Three Months!

And how time flies, a saying I never truly did value the meaning of the saying until having my baby boy. I’d love sit here writing this today as I ponder over the last twelve weeks and think “well, that was a breeze” but I have to be honest and honesty compels me to tell […]

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